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14 September 2005 @ 04:10 pm
In honour of Seek's birthday there was a party here!!

(with special guests!)

14 September 2005 @ 12:06 am
^^; I made seeky a birthday banner and cake. Yay. Happy birthday to him. <333

Happy Birthday seeky~~~ ^^;Collapse )
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02 August 2005 @ 05:14 pm

if u end up getting a small icon size picture of Utena click her to get the wallpaper =3 i'm trying to hide this so deviantart wont take it down so fast. >_> i'm not on my normal computer so i can;t just upload the picture to my website... pffffttt

enjoy if u use it!
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21 June 2005 @ 12:13 am
um this is very random..
but it sorta deals with seek.. well his little fronteirs action figure thingy..
i really wanted to show these to seek at ACEN but i missed my chance. *anguish*

adventures of seek in my little cousins doll houseCollapse )
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05 June 2005 @ 11:17 am
Hello again Seek Fans!

Caron from "Seek's Magic Adventure" here.

Well, I'm sure a few of you have been wondering (I know a few of you have because I've gotten some messages!) if Seek's Magic Adventure is still going on what with the news about Daishi.

The answer is yes, but...

But I thought maybe we needed to pull things together a little faster now. And send it out sooner.

Before you flame me, read this!

I am well aware that this won't help anything.

I am well aware that not everyone is in agreeance with sending letters and fan projects right now.

I am well aware that everyone and their dog is probably sending PLC stuff right now.

I am well aware that this may just be yet another thing for them to deal with that they don't want to.

I know all of that. So please, understand that I'm aware of how this could be a bad thing.
But understand that there is a chance that it could be a good thing to, and thats a risk I want to take.
For all we know, the fan mail and support that the guys from PLC recieve over the next little while could make all the difference.

So here's the deal.

I'm going to take all the Adventure pics I have right now and put them in a book. And I want to include ANYthing that you might like to contribute.
If you want to send me an e-mail I will print it off and put it in the book.
If you want to send me fan art, I will print it off and put it in the book.

ANYthing. If you want to physically mail me something and can get it to Canada in 2 weeks or less, send me something!

Plushie Seek is still going to travel to all the places he was originally scheduled to travel to although the scheduling will have to be changed a bit (please see the magic_adventure community for details) and if all goes well, I will make a second book.

So please think about helping out if you can.
Again, I understand that right now fan projects are not some people's cup of tea, and I totally respect that. I won't try and force any of you into participating if you don't want to.

This is not a fanproject to say 'I support Daishi', this is a project to say 'We Love You Seek' and hopefully make him smile that we're all out there for him.

If you don't agree with me, please just skip over this message and ignore it. The fandom is so crazily up in arms about all of this already that there really doesn't need to be any more arguing or flaming or insulting or anything like that. I respect your rights and opinions to disagree with me and not like this, please respect me in my opinions as well.

This project was planned long before anything with Daishi happened. I'm carrying on with it just as if things were fine, I'm just speeding it up a bit.

For e-mailed submissions or questions, please write to shiikusan@hotmail.com

Thanks everyone!
19 May 2005 @ 04:39 pm
Hello Fishy Seek people!

I have a question. Well, sort of a favour as well.

Some of you I've talked with before and know all about this, but some of you don't!

I'm currently working on a fan project for Seek, it started out as a solitary thing, but has since grown to incorporate more people, and now I'm opening it up even more!

A few months ago I made a plushie of Seek's "Frontiers" costume, and I started taking it all over the place with me on little adventures. This was started in fun, but quickly I turned it into a project where all the pictures would be put into a book and sent to Seek himself.

So far Seek has been all over my surrounding area, gone horseback riding, visited Ottawa in Canada, had his picture taken with a Mountie, been on tour inside the Parliment buildings and had pictures taken there, and a whole host of other things.

Next week he's travelling with me to Anime North in Toronto, Ontario and will be having some adventures there. Later this summer he's booked passge to go to England and to the BLOOD concert there as well!

Wow! You guys are awesome!
Currently his schedule is now full until September. The book was supposed to go out at the end of that month, but if anyone has anything super special planned that they'd like to take him on after mid-September please drop a line!

Here's a list of everywhere Seek is going this summer!

Canada - Toronto "Anime North"
England - To see the Japanese VK band "BLOOD" perform there!
Palau (Survivor!Seek :D )
(The list starting from Barcelona is a cruise he will be taking in July with a friend of mine. I wish I could go too!)
California (White Water Rafting and Independance day!)

All postage costs will be paid for by me, prefferably by paypal but whatever works!
It would be awesome if you had some special event lined up that you wouldn't mind taking him on. He will come to you with a self made (Okay it used to be a pillow case!) shoulder bag that he fits in perfectly with the "Magic Adventure" logo on it. Seek himself is about 24 inches long (Foot tip to horn tip) and about 16 -18 inches arm tip to arm tip. So he's not TINY by any means, but it would be truly awesome if a couple of people could take him somewhere with them!

He's not visited anywhere in the USA yet, so it would be great to include him on some adventues there.

Please drop me a line here if you'd like more information, or to let me know you're intrested.

Thanks guys!!

Another Edit! There was a community made for this when it was just for silly little adventures. But I'm going to start tracking all of his trips in it, so please join if you'd like to keep watch on everything that happens! magic_adventure
And feel free to post any fun JRock toy adventures you have there!

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27 April 2005 @ 04:33 pm

I'm making a review of all seek's costumes, in psycho le cemu or alone, because I want to try some of them to make cossplays, Can you help me, there are some strange but lovely costumes that I didn't see them. Do you have some url's where I can find a strange photos of seek's costumes?

Thanks a lot.

(Sorry for my bad english v.v)
29 March 2005 @ 04:39 pm

Hello all shiku's lovers! Sorry for my english, I'm spanish, but I LOVE PSYCHOLECEMU and specially SEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!

Excuse me for introducing myself so late ( ?), i've posted some comments but i havent introduced myself yet

Maybe in august I'll go to Tokyo... Does anybody know if plc have any live concerts?


P.D. Sorry for my bad english T_T
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Hey all! I just joined and I am soooo excited b/c Seek is going to Acen (Anime central, a anime convention in IL, USA) this year!! I am going and I was thinking maybe I could do one of his outfits........and I was looking for pictures from their most recent calender but I can only find one:

(sorry if this is supposed to be under a cut, it didn't say anything in the user info about putting pics behind a cut, so......)

but I need full length body shots and also higher-res pictures. If anyone could help me out, that would be great!! Thanks!!!

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24 March 2005 @ 11:20 am
Gawd. Okay. I just noticed something funny about Seek's new costume.

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